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Cover of the Joseph Smith Papers Documents volume 8
A new volume of the Joseph Smith Papers has been published by the Church Historian’s Press. The Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Volume 8: February–November 1841 is the latest volume in the documents series , which “present[s] in chronological order with historical introductions and annotation most of the extant (or surviving) documents owned, created, or authorized by [Joseph] Smith.”...
Image by Book of Mormon Central
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement today concerning the geography of the Book of Mormon in the form of a new Gospel Topics essay titled “Book of Mormon Geography.” The new essay begins with this declarative statement: “The Church takes no position on the specific geographic location of Book of Mormon events in the ancient Americas. Church members are asked not to...
View of Tikal above the jungle
Cutting-edge technology has uncovered huge archaeological finds in the heart of ancient Mesoamerica. These finds confirm scriptures found in the Book of Mormon describing the world of the ancient Nephites and Lamanites.