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New Evidence Central Interface

Post contributed by Kirk Magleby
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September 30, 2021
The new recency interface of Evidence Central.
The new recency interface of Evidence Central.

Evidence Central is a joint venture between Book of Mormon Central and Charis Legacy Foundation. It is a polished, growing repository of evidence summaries validating the Book of Mormon as beautiful, miraculous, and true. Each evidence summary is written by Ryan Dahle, Matt Roper, Neal Rappleye, and others affiliated with Book of Mormon Central and is concise, well-illustrated, and well-documented. The tone is matter of fact rather than sensationalist. To date, 248 evidence summaries have been published and new ones are coming online at the rate of 2–3 per week. Eventually there will be thousands validating not only the Book of Mormon but also other aspects of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. The idea is to offer a user an immersive experience where they can discover their way into a network of positivism that edifies and uplifts. The user experience comes partly from compelling content and partly from attractive user interfaces.

When Evidence Central debuted in September 2020, it only had a thematic interface – a typical menu navigation system cataloguing the content by category and sub-category. Today we announce a second interface – recency. Recency is now the default with the thematic interface accessible via a menu option on the upper right-hand corner of the page. The recency interface has two options: All Evidences and My History. Major new functions are now available:

  1. Each evidence summary has a number.
  2. Each evidence summary is represented by a thumbnail image.
  3. A user can vertically scroll through all evidence summaries.
  4. If a user has viewed an evidence summary, a green check mark appears in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail image.
  5. Evidence summary thumbnails can be sorted chronologically by publication date, alphabetically by title, and by aggregate number of views (popularity).
  6. My history presents evidence summaries not yet viewed first, followed by those a user has already viewed.

New content is coming online quickly. The new recency interface is designed to make it easy for a user to see what is new since the last time they visited the site and which evidence summaries they have not yet read. Additional future interfaces are in various stages of design and coding.

Evidence Central is becoming a significant resource for teachers and students of the Book of Mormon. Check out the new recency interface. We believe you will find compelling content that edifies and uplifts.   

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