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Portrait of Isaiah the Prophet. Images generated by Midjourney.

Study Resources for the Book of Isaiah

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Portrait of Isaiah the Prophet. Images generated by Midjourney.

When Jesus Christ visited the people of the Book of Mormon, he expressed his appreciation for the prophecies recorded by Isaiah, called his words “great,” and commanded the people to diligently study them (see 3 Nephi 23:1). As we move into studying the Book of Isaiah in the coming weeks for the Come, Follow Me curriculum, Book of Mormon Central is pleased to share many resources that will help Latter-day Saints’ study Isaiah and better appreciate his prophetic witness of Jesus Christ.

ScripturePlus Tools

The free ScripturePlus app allows users to read the book of Isaiah as poetry, since the King James Version has been reformatted into poetic lines. Commentary on the entire book of Isaiah is provided by biblical scholar Donald W. Parry, to help readers dive into the context and meaning of Isaiah passages. Donald Parry has also provided several charts that can help readers see Jesus Christ in the book of Isaiah. Donald Parry's new translation of Isaiah will be published serially over the next few weeks in conjunction with the 2022 Come Follow Me curriculum.

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Reading Plan on Isaiah and the Book of Mormon

A brand new, custom Reading Plan on Isaiah and the Book of Mormon help readers to see connections between the prophet and the keystone of our religion. Any study of the book of Isaiah can be enhanced by studying how Book of Mormon prophets—including the Savior Himself—quoted, commented on, and “likened” many of Isaiah’s most profound passages. This 4-week reading plan brings together key scripture passages from both Isaiah and the Book of Mormon, and combines them with dozens of Book of Mormon Central’s signature KnoWhys that illuminate the words of Isaiah from a Restoration perspective. Use this study plan to supplement and enhance your study of Isaiah through scholarship and the Restoration.

Isaiah and the Book of Mormon Reading Plan

September 5–11: Isaiah 1–12

September 5: Study Tips from Nephi

September 6: Multiple Fulfillments

September 7: Warnings against Pride

September 8: The Lord’s Stretched Out Hand

September 9: How the Lord Call’s Prophets

September 10: Prophecies of Christ’s Birth

September 11: Joseph and the Restoration

September 12–18: Isaiah 13–14, 24–30, 35

September 12: The End Times

September 13: The Fallen Angel

September 14: The Familiar Spirit

September 15: Nephi Likens Isaiah 29

September 16: The Sealed Book

September 17: Line Upon Line

September 18: Fire and Brimstone

September 19–25: Isaiah 40–49

September 19: New Testament and Book of Mormon Quotations

September 20: Prophecies of the Redeemer

September 21: The Scattering of the Jews

September 22: The Day of the Gentiles

September 23: Likening Isaiah 48–49 to Lehi’s Family

September 24: Joseph Smith as the Servant

September 25: The Daughter of Zion

  • Isaiah 3:16–23

September 26–October 2: Isaiah 50–57

September 26: Abinadi Explains Isaiah to Noah’s Priests

September 27: The Meaning of Nauvoo

September 28: Isaiah and Micah


September 29: The Book of Mormon as the Servant

September 30: Abinadi, Alma, and the Suffering Servant

October 1: Christ’s Likening of Isaiah 54

October 2: Great are the Words of Isaiah

Bible Central

Many new and important study tools for Isaiah will be published on our sister site, Bible Central. In addition to the book and chapter guides to help readers navigate Isaiah, biblical scholar Donald Parry has provided a new translation and commentary of Isaiah for Latter-day Saints. This translation incorporates the Isaiah variants in both the Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, and makes some of the most up-to-date scholarship accessible through his commentary. Donald Parry has also offered insights to Isaiah’s prophecies of the mortal Messiah and significant themes in Isaiah 53 in his book The Jesus Christ Focused Old Testament: Making Sense of a Monumental Book, also published on Bible Central.


New KnoWhys will continue to be published once a week regarding the Book of Isaiah for the five weeks that we will cover these chapters in the Come, Follow Me schedule. In addition to these upcoming KnoWhys, Book of Mormon Central has previously published many KnoWhy articles that discuss Isaiah. Many of the topics previously discussed include:

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Many significant works on Isaiah are included in Book of Mormon Central’s Archive. For instance, a collection of in-depth studies regarding the use of Isaiah by Nephite authors can be found in the book Isaiah in the Book of Mormon. The papers included in this book offer thoughts from many Latter-day Saint scholars on topics such as Isaiah’s witness of Christ’s ministry, textual variants of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, and the authorship of Isaiah. Other journal papers and book chapters that deal with Isaiah are available.

cover of Old Testament Minute: Isaiah
Donald W. Parry, John W. Welch, eds.

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Some find Isaiah’s teachings and prophecies hard to read or difficult to understand. The above resources are designed to help people at all levels of gospel learning—from beginners to veterans—get more out of their study of Isaiah. As readers strive to follow the Savior’s commission in the Book of Mormon to “search … diligently” the words of Isaiah (3 Nephi 23:1), making use of these various study aids can enhance their experience and deepen their appreciation for this ancient prophetic text that is still important for our day. Furthermore, we hope that those who use these resources will find them helpful in strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ, and lead to a better understanding of why He would call Isaiah’s words “great.”