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Image of the "Ishmael" stela.
Several years ago, around 2013–2014 (I confess, I do not remember exactly when), I was in one of those pointless online arguments we’ve all fallen trap to at one time or another. I do not really recall who it was with or what exactly it was about, but it must have had something to do with evidence for the Book of Mormon because I was rehearsing all the evidence (as I then understood it) for...
Image by Matt Cutler, Book of Mormon Central
When Lehi embarked on his journey around 600 B.C., little did he know that millions of people would read and wonder about his story thousands of years later. While there is still much to learn about the people and stories in the Book of Mormon, some of the best archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon comes from Lehi’s journey to the promised land. Seven notable locations are...
Book of Mormon with Gold Plates
Supporting evidences of the Book of Mormon are broadly identifiable. The volume has long invited scrutiny from all branches of science. Archaeology itself can be divided and subdivided into numerous disciplines. I couldn’t possibly cover every Book of Mormon correlation in one sitting. In this post I wanted to emphasize physical evidences—stuff you can touch, see, feel. Though there are many more than five, I've tried to present a few as a thoughtful cross-section.