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One of the best ways to test the Book of Mormon’s historical authenticity is to look at its names. Each of its unique names has now been looked at by scholars with linguistic training. It turns out that a good number of them have plausible links with words or names in ancient Near Eastern languages, especially with Hebrew and Egyptian. Some of its names are even attested very close to Lehi’s day...
Book of Mormon and North America
This executive summary of the FIRM Foundation’s new Annotated Edition of the Book of Mormon (henceforth AEBOM ) is written in response to many inquiries Book of Mormon Central has received about the volume, and to report in a concise, objective manner its many glaring deficiencies. After a careful page-by-page analysis, the reviewers have found so many fundamental and...
A 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which potentially belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah. (Ouria Tadmor/© Eilat Mazar)
A new archaeological excavation at the south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has just barely uncovered an 8 th century seal impression that might have belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah, revered by Nephi and other Book of Mormon prophets.
Joseph Smith and 19th century authors
These statistical results provide striking support for the Book of Mormon’s own claims about its authorship. In order to fabricate the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith would have needed the ability to create distinct fictional voices, and a talent beyond some of the greatest novelists of his time (Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and James Fenimore Cooper).
Book of Mormon with Gold Plates
Supporting evidences of the Book of Mormon are broadly identifiable. The volume has long invited scrutiny from all branches of science. Archaeology itself can be divided and subdivided into numerous disciplines. I couldn’t possibly cover every Book of Mormon correlation in one sitting. In this post I wanted to emphasize physical evidences—stuff you can touch, see, feel. Though there are many more than five, I've tried to present a few as a thoughtful cross-section.
View of Tikal above the jungle
Cutting-edge technology has uncovered huge archaeological finds in the heart of ancient Mesoamerica. These finds confirm scriptures found in the Book of Mormon describing the world of the ancient Nephites and Lamanites.
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One of the most persistent questions about the Book of Mormon has been the mention of horses among the Nephites, Lamanites, and Jaredites. Scientists, historians, and other scholars have long maintained the view that there were no horses in the Americas during Book of Mormon times. The most recent issue of BYU Studies Quarterly includes an article by Wade Miller and Matt Roper with new...
John W. Welch presenting on the translation of the Book of Mormon
Professor John W. Welch of Brigham Young University, delivered a powerful address on Wednesday, November 8 on the timing of the translation of the Book of Mormon. Welch gave the annual Book of Mormon lecture entitled "Hours Never to Be Forgotten" for the Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies at the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni Center. In his address he explained what we know about Joseph...
Replica of the gold plates
Check out Book of Mormon Central’s new video, detailing the historical evidence for the existence of the Book of Mormon golden plates: The video is the third in Book of Mormon Central’s Evidence video series, the two previous videos being one on the archaeological evidence for the place called Nahom, mentioned by Nephi (1 Nephi 16:34), and another on the historical evidence supporting the...
Knowing Why: 137 Evidences the Book of Mormon is True
Book of Mormon Central's new book, Knowing Why: 137 Evidences that the Book of Mormon is True , brings together many of the best evidences on the Book of Mormon into one place. Available in stores and online at Deseret Book , Seagull Book , , and the BYU Store. This new book is a compilation of re-edited and updated KnoWhys written by John W. Welch, Neal Rappleye, Stephen O...